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Flying with Themi
Centering Maneuvers
Themi´s Signals
Centering with Themi's help
The first circle

To keep in mind

Themi requires time to adapt. The pilot must first try to understand the 'philosophy' of Themi, then forget what he feels and completly rely on it. You can't use it in a ''Plug and Play' way. You must adapt your behaviour at the LED's signals.

Flying with Themi
For flying successfully with Themi:
Read the Themi Manual first and then, use Themi with an open mind. It may take a few hours of flying in thermals to get used to THEMI's help.

'philosophy' of Themi

As soon as the glider is in a position where a correction of the circle is appropriate, THEMI's lights will give a signal. The pilot may follow this signal. Even if he/she does not follow it , THEMI will always continue to give signals based on the latest situation. The better the pilot centers his flight, the less signals he/she will be receiving. That means if there is nothing to correct, there will be no signals.

Fly as you are used to fly. If you find lift, turn in when you think that the lift may not become stronger. Which side to turn in is up to you. THEMI will lead you to find the center, no matter if you initially turned to the "wrong " or the "right" side.

Changing direction of the turn:

Should the pilot decide to change the direction of turn, THEMI would assist quickly to fly around the center again.

Special feature

After trying to find better lift next to the original lift, THEMI can lead you back to the original lift if you searched unsuccessfully. If you were less than mile away, just start turning and wait until both lights come on. Then, level up and fly straight. When the lights go off, turn in. If one light stayed on a little bit longer, it is this side to turn to. You are now back in the original thermal.


The pilot who flies with THEMI should be used to looking out and watching the airspace. He/she should be skilled in maintaining the airspeed constant during turning.

Centering the flight
Technical Information 2
Themi Centering Device