Technical Information 1
Flying with Themi
Centering Maneuvers
Themi´s Signals
Centering with Themi's help
The first circle

The pilot continues to turn. There are no signal lights on. No correction.

Further correction signals will only come up if the virtual center is again more forward than sideways of the pilot.

(The virtual center is continuously updated and it is getting closer to the real center . )

When the virtual center is on the forward left side of the pilot,
left light comes on permanently _______________,
that is the time for a correction :
The permanent light means to to fly with reduced bank until the light goes off
and then go back to the greater bank as before..

(In the meantime the virtual center is updated as shown by the magenta track. )

After contacting lift, the pilot turned to the left.

Soon the left light started flashing _ _ _ _ _ _, indicating that Themi picked up the lift.

There is no need for a correction of the flight. The light signal disappears soon.

(Themi's first approximation of the virtual center is at the magenta spot. )


Centering with Themi's Help
Centering the flight
Technical Information 2
Themi Centering Device