Technical Information 1
Flying with Themi
Centering Maneuvers
Themi´s Signals
Centering with Themi's help
The first circle
Centering the flight 
There are some rules which shall help the pilot to judge the situation 
and make the decision about the right time and  the right way of a correction of the flight.
Centering the flight


There have been many attempts with instruments to help the pilot centering the flight. The main emphasis has been put on the variometers. They have been made more and more precise and sensible. After all, these solutions are still demanding a lot of concentration of the pilot. He has to judge the parameters of lift, using the variometer and his "pants feeling" and judge the heading using his view of the envirement. He has to start and stop virtual a timer in his head to measure distances. This may sound like a real challenge and fun but the result still depends very much on the pilot's experience.

Themi  is using a new approach. It only displays the result of the computation of all of these parameters. 
Themi gives a signal at the time when a correction could be started and when it should be finished. 
Themi does the judging and the pilot can do the flying. 
Centering the flight
Technical Information 2
Themi Centering Device